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".. if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" John 8:36

What is Courageous Exchange?


Child abuse trauma (PTSD) seems to be one of the best kept secrets. Some bring it into the open but for many the lid is kept on tightly.  Eventually when it damages relationships or quality of life there is a search for solutions.  But where do we go for help?

The programme is not a course in the usual sense; it is an interactive journey of transformation

Group work, coaching and individual exercises  

Each module involves self-monitoring, live examples, reviews, and mutual support for people  

Based on interactive course material and personal mentoring

It is for Christians and non-believers

We pursue - awareness and accountability, compassion not condescension, shame free acceptance, confidentiality (within the law), bible-based principles, healthy boundaries, dignity and hope  

‘The Courageous Exchange programme has transformed my life. I am more a thriver and not simply a survivor.'

‘The holistic, non judgmental approach of Courageous Exchange is most effective. I know dozens of men and women who would benefit from this’ 


‘What we are covering in the group is having a great impact on my marriage.’  

‘I cannot believe the change I have experienced since completing the first two modules. The course material is outstanding and the support of those who know the journey has been invaluable. The PTSD symptoms have dropped dramatically and I have a new confidence. I have no need anymore to self-medicate. At last I feel I have a valuable and productive life. I am free and really free.’  

What do participants say?


3 Modules


About C.E.

What does it mean to join C.E.? 

We would recommend joining a group as this is proving to be the most beneficial way to progress. But some prefer to read the book or study the course material by themselves.  


At the moment a Breaking The Silence Group meets on a Saturday morning every other week.  Each session last about an hour and a half.  Refreshments are usually available.  

There is the possibility of a Foundations group beginning in October.  The Foundations book is available from us and the Breaking The Silence book is available from Day One publishers or other stockists.  The best way to contact us is by email. (

Who can benefit from C.E.? 

Those who have experienced childhood trauma.  This programme would also benefit all those who mentor or who wish to mentor those on a journey of transformation.  


Champions of Change


Three seminars are available and there are a few bookings left for this year.  These are designed to equip us to understand and support people who have experienced child abuse in one form or another.  They train us to facilitate a journey of transformation from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to Post Traumatic Growth (PTG).

This is My Story

A presentation by a survivor who has travelled from PTSD to PTG. Why does it take so long to disclose?  Is it like a mental illness?  How is the brain affected?  How can a life that has been devastated be rebuilt?

'It is difficult to contemplate the impact of childhood trauma, the symptoms and possibilities for change unless you have experienced it.' (a 25 year old survivor)

Please contact us by email for more information. 



What Makes Courageous Exchange work?

The success of the programme comes from its wholistic approach, the style of the modules, a content based on tested principles, and the on-going support from mentors.


Courageous Exchanged course modules are based on five years of research into six very different organisations and the in put from psychologists, psychotherapists, ministers, prison chaplains and doctors. 


Most of the mentors are not counsellors but are fellow travellers who understand the journey of transformation from their own experience.  

The programme is built on bible based principles and we recognise our need for God to bring lasting change.

A New Wholistic